Reese McHenry came up swinging in Northern Minnesota and she didn’t sit still for very long. A true troubadour, her powerful voice has driven her from the fresh greens of Eau Claire to the dusty motels of Albuquerque and everywhere in between. Since settling in North Carolina, this prolific songwriter and jagged performer has lent her fire and talent to a number of recording projects and now turns her attention to her own damn show.


In 2005 McHenry started the seminal garage-rock blues-band The Dirty Little Heaters, beginning as a duo with Melissa Thomas, and in 2007, brought on Rob Walsh (Spinns) and Dave Perry (Jett Rink). Sidetracked by a near fatal stroke and Pulmonary Edema, the decision to sever the faulty part of her heart and install a pacemaker has put her back on track to full time rock and roll. In 2014 she teamed up with Bob Wall (Erie Choir), Dave Perry, Ed Hurt, and Chuck Garrison (Superchunk) to release “Tourist” as The Second Wife. In July 2017 she released the acclaimed garage-rock “Bad Girl” with Spider Bags, a collaboration that marks McHenry’s turn from the band life to her status as a rock icon who can join any backing band and make something great. Most recently, her duo Reese McHenry & The Fox released their highly anticipated first EP, High Comma, a 4-song 45 vinyl record.


Her songs defy genre and, though one could still categorize then as straight-shooting “rock,” the real thread connecting these songs is a wry brand of humor mixed with an ability to catch a hook at just the right moment. McHenry’s true signature, of course, is her emotive blues voice that can change at any moment from soft sweetness to a torrential downpour. 

 Reese is currently touring with a band as well as solo.

Their highly anticipated first EP, High Comma, a 4 song 45 vinyl record, is out now! Pick up your copy here:


""Reese is not at a loss for words very often, and I couldn't get her to give me a full sentence," McLaughlin says. "I told her to put Justin on the phone, and I told him he needed to take her to the emergency room right away. He just said, 'She won't go.'"

Four strokes couldn't kill Reese McHenry, one of the state's best singers, but they stalled her career | By Grayson Haver Currin |