My name is Reese McHenry. I am an American singer-songwriter and musician. I live in Chatham County, North Carolina and was raised partly in Northern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. I led a semi-nomadic life before settling in Durham, NC in 2000.

I'm a powerful singer in terms of actual volume and (I hope) feeling. I front and play guitar in the rock bands Dirty Little Heaters and Second Wife. I wanted Second Wife to be an umbrella name for all of my songs and shows, but I quickly tire of band names I come up with. I've started using my own name mostly because even if I tire of that band name, there's no choice of change there. Ahhhh, no choice. Sometimes no choice is where it's at. I want the songs I write to stay with me and not be assigned to a band name. 

My songwriting is raw, sometimes aggressive, playful, and sincere. My love of music, my current feelings and catchy, moving melody dictate what the next songs will sound like. I have rough, quick-burst songs, slow burners, country tinges and touches of R&B. I never set out to write a certain "kind" of song, I try very hard to shut my mind up and let it come on through. I spend a lot of time with my head on my guitar. 

Surprising congenital heart issues, strokes and Congestive Heart Failure sidetracked me for nearly 6 years. Now I am pacemaker dependent and healthier than I've ever been. I'm taking all these songs I've written (and continue to write) on the road. I will record them. I've included a Second Wife song I wrote,  and a few acoustic demos. I will travel by myself, sometimes as a rock duo (Reese McHenry & the Fox) and sometimes a full band. Come see me if you see my name. 




Indyweek Cover Nov. 2015.  Photography: Jeremy Lange

Indyweek Cover Nov. 2015.

Photography: Jeremy Lange