Champions of Imperfections

"Great design never dies, even if it passes out of fashion. That's the overriding emotional response in the presence of the Dirty Little Heaters. The thundering quake of their approach hurls you back into a Jurassic park, the tremor in the water signaling T. Rex's imminent arrival.

Indeed, the Triangle quartet is the elephant in the room, a garage-rock force so sensually overwhelming you must acknowledge it or else be crushed within its grimy blues-grooving tonnage. When they climb into their "Cherry Van," there's no getting out of the way. The best you can hope for is skating between the axles of the churning rhythms keyed by bassist Rob Walsh and drummer Dave Perry. (The peripatetic Perry's since been replaced by the conquering strut of Pink Flag drummer Jessica Caesar.) -- INDYWEEK

LABEL: Churckkey Records