No Dados

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No Dados available now on suah records

North Carolina's Reese McHenry is a force of nature. Suffering a major stroke and Atrial Fibrillation, and then returning to good health from a bad place has lit a fire under this uncompromising, tough Southern lady with more than a little of Janis Joplin's Southern Comfort-soaked vocals and spirit present in her powerful music. Bluesy, smoky, Dixie-fried rock ‘n’ roll at its finest is McHenry's stock in trade, and if you don't believe it, give her latest song, "Detroit", a spin. You'll be an instant fan. McHenry sings with depth and passion, holding nothing back, and reveling in the joyful catharsis.

McHenry says of the track that it's "a classic '60s chord progression highlighting the comeuppance when someone finally stops responding to your come here/get away nonsense". This is the kind of music we can believe in, just like you can believe that McHenry is a real rock 'n' roll heroine. Her new album, No Dados, available via Suah Sounds.