Past Shows 2017-2019

April 20 - The Berkeley Raleigh: NC 1/2 acoustic 1/2 Electric Duo with Stephen Gardner

May 6 -  Pop of the World Studio, Greensboro, NC:  The Second Wife full band w/Sugar Meat 

May 7  - Pop of the World Studio Greensboro, NC:  Reese McHenry & The Fox 

May 25 - The Tree Bar Columbus, OH: Reese McHenry & The Fox 

May 26 - The Burl Lexington, KY: Reese McHenry & The Fox W/ The Vandoliers 

May 27 - Louisville, KY: Sophomore Lounge 10 year anniversary festival

May 28 - New Mountain Asheville NC W/ Cannonball Jars

June 10 - Slim's Raleigh NC: Reese McHenry &  The Fox w/ Chip Robinson and Magma Opus

June 17 - Kraken Chapel Hill, NC - Reese McHenry & The Fox W/ Clear Spots and Ricky Bacchus duo

July 6 - Pour House Raleigh NC  - Reese McHenry & The Fox Local Beer Local Band 

uly 15 - Pinhook Durham, NC:  Reese McHenry sings with Spider Bags  record release w/ Nathan Golub

July 29 - Kraken Chapel Hill, NC Reese McHenry & The Fox W/ Trash Hats 

August 8 - The Pour House Raleigh NC - Reese McHenry & The Fox W/ Howling Tongues

August 18 - The Pinhook Durham, NC - Reese McHenry & The Fox W/ The Tills and Drag Sounds

August 19 - The Cave Chapel Hill, NC - Reese McHenry & The Fox W/ Shehehe and 3 Body Problem

September 8 - Slim's Hopscotch Day Party - Reese McHenry sings with Spiderbags 

September 9 - The Pour House Hopscotch Day Party - Reese McHenry & The Fox

September 15 - On Pop of the World Greensboro, NC - Reese McHenry & The Fox

September 16 - Asheville, NC  RM&F W/ Cannonball Jars 

September 28 - Neptune's, Raleigh, NC RM&F w/ The Feeds and Sunset Kings

September 29 - Island Bar, Carolina Beach, NC Reese McHenry solo

September 30 -  Wilmington, NC  RM&F w/ Sunset Kings

October 6 - Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC RM&F W/ Magnolia Collective 

October 7 - On Pop of the World, Greensboro, NC RM&F W/ Matty Sheets & Cold Rollers 

October 20 - Slim's, Raleigh, NC RM&F W/ Loose Jets

October 23 - The Tree Bar, Columbus Ohio W/ CPR

October 26 - Wisco, Madison, WI RM&F

November 4 - The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC RM&F W/ Mirror Man

November 11 - Reggie's, Wilmington NC RM&F 

November 18 - Petra's, Charlotte, NC RM&F W/ Mirror Man

November 30 - Pinhook, Durham, NC RM&F 

December 1 - Avondale, Atlanta W/ Good Graces and Love Letters

February 2 - The Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh: First Friday - 8pm - with The Fox - Free

February 8 - The Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh SOLO with Dave Bartholomew and Chip Robinson opening! Free

February 16 - Local 506, Chapel Hill W/ Erie Choir, Woodvamp with the Fox, 9pm $7

February 20 - 24:  Cold Hard Fox Tour with Hardworker

Wednesday's in March: Reese "McRez" Residency at the Cave in Chapel Hill

March 9 - The Kraken Chapel Hill, NC April Crider's 50th Birthday celebration! With The Fox - Free

April 7 - Slim's Raleigh, NC -  2 Piece Dinner show with Karbuncle and Revolutionary Sweethearts 9pm $5

April 23 - Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC with Wreckless Eric (Reese Solo)

April 25 - Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC Paint Fumes Residency

May 4 - Chaz's Bull City Records, Durham NC W/ Charles Latham

May 18 - Kings, Raleigh, NC W/ Stephen's Pharmacy and Ricky Bacchus & The Luckiest Girls 

May 25 - Juggling Gypsy Wilmington, NC W/ Sacred Cash Cow

May 26 - OBX

May 27 - Outer Banks Brewing Station Kill Devil Hills, NC w/ The Mumz

May 28 - OBX

June 8 - Sly Grog Lounge, Asheville, NC with New Power (CD Release show!)

June 14 - Pinhook, Durham, NC with Amigo

June 15 - Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC with The Tills and Pie Face Girls

June 30 - On Pop of the World Studio, Greensboro W/ Sissy Pants and Moon Racer

July 1 - Thirsty Beaver Saloon, Charlotte, NC W/ Amigo

July 4  - Fleetwood's, Asheville, NC W/ The Power, Stevie, Symtoms, Video Age. 5pm

July 5 - 529 Bar, Atlanta, GA W/ Hardworker and Love Letter

July 6 - Juggling Gypsy, Wilmington, NC W/ Thick Modine, Don Babylon

July 7 - Trollingwood, Greenville, NC W/ Nu Clear Twins

July 8 - The Mill, Charleston, SC W/ Hardworker and Brian Hoepker

July 25 - Pinhook, Durham, NC  Sinner Songwriter Night (solo acoustic w/ Dave Bartholomew) W/ Sun Studies (Reid Johnson), Monologue Bombs (Solo)  and Naked Naps (Solo)

July 27 - Pour House, Raleigh NC Dirty Little Heaters W/ Bleeding Hearts and Zodiac Panthers

August 12 - Carrboro, NC Steel String Brewery Sessions - solo w/ Dave B

September 2 - Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC W/ The Minks (TN) & The Shelles

September 6 - Slims, Raleigh, NC Dirty Little Heaters! Potluck Day Party, 1:30

September 6 - Monstercade, Winston Salem, NC W/ North X North (CHI)  & Lowborn

September 7 - Cirque De Vol, Raleigh, NC Hopscotch Day Party 2pm

September 8 - Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh, NC 3pm Hopscotch Day Party Reese & Dave B (solo/acoustic)

September 9 - Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh, NC Hopscotch Day Party 6pm

September 20 - Motorco Music Hall, Durham, NC W/ Old 97s!!

September 22 - Groove in the Garden, Raleigh, NC

September 28 - Reggie’s, Wilmington, NC W/ Male Men & Bandolero

September 29 - Fleetwood’s, Asheville, NC An Evening with Reese McHenry (band) Free Show, all ages

September 30 - Petra’s, Charlotte, NC An Evening with Reese McHenry (Band)

October 2 - Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC W/ Arson Daley

October 5 - Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC Dirty Little Heaters, Dead Moon Night

October 14 - Slim’s, Raleigh, NC W/ Adam Faucett, Ricky Bacchus & The Luckiest Girls

October 21 - NC State Fair!!! Set Times 10am and 11:30am, by the waterfall. One set by Reese McHenry & Band, and one acoustic with Reese and Dave Bartholomew

November 9 - Wake Forest Listening Room, Wake Forest, NC W/ both the Dave Bartholomew band and Drag Sounds band 7pm - 9pm

November 18 - Pinhook 10 Year Anniversary Party!! Durham, NC - We play at 6:30

November 23 - Reggie’s Wilmington, NC Dirty Little Heaters/ Zodiac Panther/Bleeding Hearts/Swifts - Angie’s Birthday Party!!

December 7 - Lazy Diamond Asheville, NC

December 8 - Winston/Salem

December 9 - Chapel Hill

December 15 - Milltown, Carrboro, NC Solo W/ Dave Bartholomew 1pm FREE

December 16 - Pour House Raleigh, NC Sunday FunDay - Dirty Little Heaters W/ Stephen’s Pharmacy 2-5pm

December 23 - Pour House Raleigh, NC Sunday FunDay Reese McHenry & Dave Bartholomew Band 2-5pm

January 5 - Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC Dirty Little Heaters W/ Paint Fumes 9pm

January 19 - Kings, Raleigh, NC W/ Spider Bags and John Howie Jr.

January 30 - Milltown, Carrboro NC 7pm Solo Acoustic Show

February 13 - Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC Reese w/ Dave and Ron Bartholomew, Jesse Huebner, playing with Stephen’s Pharmacy 7.00, 8:30pm

February 14 - Local 506 Reese’s Karaoke Birthday Party. 9p-2a

February 20 - Milltown, Carrboro NC 7pm Solo Show

February 26 - Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC

February 27 - Clemson Live On Air

February 28 - Local Beer Local Band, Pour House, Raleigh, NC W/ Fruit Snack and Matt Southern & Lost Gold

March 1 - Bonzer Shack, Kill Devil Hills, NC

March 2 - Fleetwoods, West Asheville, NC

March 3 - Monstercade, Winston/Salem, NC W/ Paint Fumes

With Spider Bags:

March 8 - 18 On Tour W/ Spider Bags to SxSW

March 21 - Trollingwood Brewery, Greenville, NC Spazzfest

March 13 - R&D Brewery Halfway to Hopscotch, Raleigh NC